Hymba Yumba Independent School

Inspiring jarjums to learn and lead in both worlds

Hymba Yumba, (Bidjara Language) a Listening and Learning Place, is an innovative education and community building initiative. Our Prep – Year 12 school is grounded in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

Jarjums are encouraged to achieve academic, sporting and creative excellence in a culturally affirming, dynamic environment. In the tradition of their peoples, jarjums are encouraged to show Respect for Self, Elders, Family, Community and Country.

Jarjums build strong and proud Indigenous identities in a nurturing and challenging school environment. The contribution of knowledge and wisdom by the Elders, Families and Community are at the core of the education process at Hymba Yumba. Our jarjums are actively engaged in education and they achieve solid academic outcomes. Their confidence and self-esteem is growing and their pride in Culture is driving them forward.

Hymba Yumba provides seamless education and training from Prep to Year 12, Vocational Education and Training (all ages), health and wellbeing services, an Elders Bora Place and University pathways. The knowledge and wisdom that Elders, Families and Young People bring to the school community is valued and respected.

Our Vision

Our vision at Hymba Yumba Independent School is to inspire jarjums to learn and lead in both worlds.