Gurumba Bigi and Welcome to Hymba Yumba

Inspiring jarjums to learn and lead in both worlds

Prep-Year 12 Co-education

Hymba Yumba, (Bidjara Language) a Listening and Learning Place, is an innovative education and community building initiative.

At Hymba Yumba we pride ourselves in offering jarjums a Prep-Year 12 education grounded in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. We are an independent, co-educational school based in Springfield with a strong focus on excellence in the Arts and Science.

In the tradition of their peoples, jarjums are taught to focus on the 4 principles of respects:

Respect for Self

Respect for Elders

Respect for Family

Respect for Community and Country

Jarjums build strong and proud Indigenous identities in a nurturing and inspiring learning environment. The contribution of knowledge and wisdom by Elders, families, staff and community is at the core of the education process at Hymba Yumba. Jarjums are actively engaged in education and expected to achieve solid academic outcomes. Their confidence, commitment and self-esteem grows and their pride in Culture drives them forward.
The School includes: Prep-Year 12, Vocational Education and Training, health and well-being services and an Elders Cultural Yarnin’ place. The knowledge and wisdom that Elders, families, staff and young people bring to the school community is valued and respected.

We are placing a focus on ensuring all jarjums are coming to school in full school uniform as this is part of our Respects Behaviour Strategy. Please find attached a note from our Principal, Peter Foster regarding uniforms. As the

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Our Dog Therapy Training Program is booming! Congratulations to Jarjums, Staff and Empower Assistance Dogs Australia.

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Here is the next teaser for our Tidda mural. One of the ‘small snapshots’ until the grand reveal. Please comment on your guess regarding the inspiration for our new Tidda mural design?

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We Are Now Open for Enrolment!