Jarjums are expected to maintain 100% attendance. If your jarjum is away sick, you are expected to call or text the Attendance Officer on: 0402 164 411.

Attendance Rewards

At the end of each month the class who earns the most pink attendance stars receives a special celebration for their class.

A weekly individual attendance award is also handed out which includes a free tuck-shop voucher. These attendance awards are handed out at Bynda time.

Every Day Counts

Good attendance and educational success go hand-in-hand.

Days Absent Days Per Year Weeks Per Year
Absent 1 day per week 40 days per year 8 weeks per year
Absent 1 day per fortnight 20 days per year 4 weeks per year
Absent 2 days per week 80 days per year 16 weeks per year

Every day counts: Johnathon Thurston

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