The Bunji (meaning brother) program provides an environment for male role models to support, encourage and provide cultural guidance for the jarjums. Hymba Yumba prides itself on the provision of cultural significance integrated within the whole school makeup. The Bunji program captures traditional protocols and practices to enhance ownership and leadership qualities to the jarjums and the group. Our vision statement is to provide achievable, and jarjum-manageable activity based programs to support their development. The programs enhance cultural, social and emotional, and career orientated skills for the jarjum.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander spirituality, culture and identity is woven through every fabric of the Bunji program. The embedded Indigenous Knowledges are delivered through quality teaching, curriculum innovation and creative pedagogy. The Bunji program provides high level personal support, development and empowerment programs and creates stronger readiness for school, through established Indigenous Education Workers (IEW) and Teacher support. From this, the provision of strong engagement and connections with themselves, family, community and country will establish pathways to real post-school options and cultural, social and emotional skills upon completing school.

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