Early Years Curriculum

Our Early Years run from Prep to Grade 3. We have ensured that we have created a safe learning environment for our jarjums to grow and learn. Through Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander processes we embed Indigenous Knowledges and Ways of Working into the Australian Curriculum.  Our processes include:

  •        Acknowledgement
  •        Yarnin’ Circles
  •        Singing of Language songs
  •        Fostering jarjums sense of identity
  •        Language development – Teaching Ugarapul Language as a LOTE subject
  •        Development of a classroom family built around our Respects Principles

Our Curriculum is devoted to teaching through Indigenous Knowledges whilst teaching the required National Curriculum. Jarjums undertake lessons in English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Health, Visual Art, Physical Education and LOTE- Indigenous Languages.

A curriculum priority in the Early Years is the development of literacy skills. The Early Years targets the development of reading and writing skills, which will ensure each jarjum is forming the skills required for future learning at a National Standard.

Years 4-6

The primary curriculum builds upon the foundations laid in the Early Years. Jarjums continue to grow and learn through Indigenous processes. Lessons are taught with a strong focus on embedding Indigenous Knowledges and Ways of Working into the Australian Curriculum. The processes such as Acknowledgement, Yarnin’ Circles, singing in Language and the use of our Respect Principles used in the Early Years continue through years 4-6. The curriculum priorities of literacy and numeracy ensure that each jarjum develops the skills required for future success.

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