Senior Years Curriculum (Year 10, 11 & 12)

In year 10, jarjums study English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Health and Physical Education and a rotation of Indigenous Studies, Music, Art, Dance, and Drama takes place throughout each year. Year 10’s challenging yet rewarding program prepares the jarjums for one of two pathways in years 11 and 12.

In Year 11 and 12, jarjums have either an OP (Overall Position) pathway or a vocational pathway available to them. Jarjums who select the vocational pathway work towards obtaining their QCE (Queensland Certificate of Education) by successfully completing work in the subjects English Communication, Prevocational Maths, Science in Practice, Recreation, Visual Arts in Practice and Social and Community Studies. These subjects offer jarjums opportunities within the contexts of work, community and leisure, to use language to perform tasks, use technology, express identity, and interact in groups, organisations and the community.

Selecting the OP pathway, jarjums will study subjects that make them eligible to receive an OP (Overall Position) at the end of year 12.  This OP pathway plus their QCE is also the traditional route to University studies after high school.  Jarjums who choose OP subjects will study English, Biology, Mathematics A, Modern History and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies. At Hymba Yumba, the classes catering to OP students are small and this means that one-on-one support and guidance from specialist teachers can help jarjums achieve their full potential and reach their academic goals.  In 2016 we had our first seniors graduate with an OP and all of the jarjums who applied to university were accepted into their desired courses. OP jarjums also have the opportunity of preparatory university courses such as the University of Southern Queensland’s Head Start Program available to them.

All jarjums in the senior phases of schooling will also have the opportunity to enrol in school based traineeships or apprenticeships and undertake work experience.

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