Searchlight Education

At Hymba Yumba, the Searchlight Education philosophy and pedagogy being used are enriched by cultural perspectives and engagement with Elders and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The Searchlight Education model employs multi-disciplinary staff including a large percentage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers and Support Workers who respond holistically to both the personal and academic needs of the jarjums. Our jarjums are highly motivated in their education and future goals because their cultural identity is deeply valued and celebrated and is embedded across Hymba Yumba.

Searchlight Education found that having a combined Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Board lead by prominent Elders would be the ideal structure to develop a school with a strong focus on culture and families. It is felt that such a school will improve educational outcomes for Indigenous jarjums and help to ‘Close the Gap’ and ensure they walk in both worlds.

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