Rights & Responsibilities

Jarjums Rights:

  • To be shown Respect and Kindness regardless of their behaviour, background or present circumstances.
  • To feel important and valued.
  • To develop as an individual and to be respected for individual gifts and talents.
  • To understand how learning will help them to participate fully in the community, to make a contribution and to derive pleasure from doing so.
  • To physical and emotional safety and protection.
  • To access to materials and resources.
  • To competent teaching and interesting learning experiences.
  • To teacher assistance and support.
  • To enjoy learning and to become confident and empowered by it.
  • To express opinions openly, with respect.
  • To be protected from abuses by authority and systems.
  • To receive specialist support as required.
  • To privacy and confidentiality.
  • To be free from unnecessary restrictions and rules.

Jarjums Responsibilities:

  • To respect themselves, family, community and country. (See Guidelines)
  • To respect and show kindness to teachers, staff, Elders, visitors.
  • To respect all living things and our environment.
  • To be honest and ethical, kind and considerate.
  • To speak out for justice and fairness.
  • To be a peacemaker.
  • To listen and not obstruct the opinion of others.
  • To be active, responsible citizens and to make a contribution to the school community and to the wider community.
  • To apply themselves to their studies.
  • To complete assignments to the best of their ability.

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